Relpip Video Tutorials

Here are 7 tutorials to help you become completely conversant with the Relpip app and process so that it becomes a part of your relationship building objectives.

1. Welcome To Relpip

This tutorial will give you an overview on how to take your business to a new level

2. The Relpip Process

This tutorial will show you how the Relpip process works

3. Onboarding Your Information

You will be guided as you on board your information correctly

4. Identify and Connect With The Right Candidate

The importance of the “4 connectors”

5. The Relpip Vetting Process

Determine if the relationship will make sense on a personal level

6. A Relationship of Distinction

How to convert to a very special business relationship

7. Settings and Screen Info

Discover what is in settings and how to navigate screens

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