Turning Acquaintances Into Committed Referral Partnerships

by | January 18, 2022

To help professionals develop committed referral partners, we launched a mobile app and community in January 2022. It’s called “Relpip” and is designed for like-minded professionals like you in the U.S.

Consider Relpip a scalable tool that will facilitate a process to turn your acquaintances into committed referral partnerships, as it has done the old fashioned way for 25 years. Come to Relpip for the tool and stay for the community of professionals who also want committed referral partnerships.

Imagine entering 2022 with 15 committed referral partnerships who each had committed to help you with one significant event, with the size and type of clients you serve, over the course of the year.  Wouldn’t you have a higher sense of confidence and much lower stress that you will be able to hit your new business objectives for the year? Absolutely!

The bottom line for all service professionals who want a successful career is to do two things really well; 1) Do great work for clients 2) Bring in business consistently.

Doing great work consists of being an expert on the fundamentals and technical nature of the service you provide a client, and being passionate about making a difference by always performing to a high level.

Bringing in business consistently is about getting the right client referrals primarily from some satisfied clients and mostly from other professionals on an ongoing basis. There are professionals who enjoy doing the work but find the amount of time and energy invested in networking difficult, based on the few clients that come out of it.

Make Networking Work For You

Networking should be a positive experience. The reason many are uncomfortable attending network events is because they feel the pressure to meet someone who can give them a referral. That mindset creates a lot of internal stress and their body language will reflect it.

Instead, if their intention is to use the time as a social experience to catch up with people and to potentially meet a few new people, their experience and they way they present themselves would be totally different.

In today’s highly competitive environment, getting a referral is not an easy task. Let’s say you have a great client to refer to any of five people who are of the same discipline and specialty that your client needs. All things being equal, why would you give it to one person and not the others? Who is top of mind? Is it the person you most recently met? Or is it someone with whom you have a committed referral partnership, where the two of you are focused on supporting each other throughout the year?

Referral Partnerships Create Value And Save Time

Having a committed referral partnership with another professional requires attention and frequent interaction. But, it is by far the best way to go. Why?

  • Your key relationships becomes an asset of your business that no one can take away
  • Your relationships make you more valuable in the marketplace
  • Committed referral partnerships give your business predictability
  • You have people that you can depend on, and they on you
  • Your don’t need hundreds of people in your CRM hoping that someone will call
  • You have a distribution system (salesforce) that is always looking out for you
  • You have created scalability, which would be impossible to do on your own

Convert An Acquaintance To A Committed Referral Partner

When you meet someone that has potential for a committed referral partnership, follow up with them and invite them to join you on Relpip. The app is free and you can go through the process together. It will tell you both if a “Relationship of Distinction” (RD) is possible. That way, you don’t waste each other’s time.

Your invitee will appreciate that you take the possibility of a referral partnership seriously. You both are now part of the Relpip community. The bonus is that you are now part of a network where everyone is like you; They are there to connect and develop a referral partnerships, rather than “kissing a lot of frogs”. The good news is you can connect with another member right from the comfort of your office or home.

Checkout our informational website at https://relpip.com to see if we are right for you. If so, download our app (Relpip) in the Apple App Store or in the Goggle Play Store. The app is free. Give it a test ride with someone in the community or someone you would like to see if you can convert  from an acquaintance to a committed relationship.

Be a Trailblazer!

To help the community get off to a great start, the first 2,500 members will receive an upgrade to our national premium membership ($399 value). You and your invitee will need to download the app and go through the Relpip process. Let us know at ken@relpip.com once you are onboarded. We will get you upgraded to our premium national membership as a thanks for helping us out.




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