Referral Partnerships: Your Mindshare Position Determines Your Success

by | September 27, 2022

Networking alone is not scalable. A new mobile app called “RelPip” helps leverage and scale networking activities into committed referral partnerships resulting in consistent referrals over time.

For 25 years,I have had the privilege of working with very bright people who had attended some of the best universities to learn their craft. Most professionals have invested heavily in their technical skills but, when it comes to building a business, many have not had any training in a system or process to make it happen.

Service professionals typically participate in networking groups and think they are entitled to get referrals for regularly attending the monthly meetings. My experience suggests that many are disappointed with that thinking as they struggle to get referrals to build their business.

Referrals Come From Individuals

I empathize with them because they feel real pressure to bring in business. But I must be candid about their lack of results. My message basically is this. Groups do not deliver referrals. Referrals come from individuals. Individuals will refer business to those who are top of mind when the opportunity presents itself. Group meetings are only beneficial if the members develop a process to leverage each other in such a way that generates referrals. This is where RelPip comes in.

RelPip has evolved from a business I started in 1997 when, as result of observing the challenges that face many professionals, and their apparent lack of training on the business side of their profession, I decided to focus on developing a system and process that would offer the tools they needed to create successful referral partnerships.

I named my firm and system “ProGrowth” as the name reflected what the system and process I developed was meant to accomplish. There are a number of key components to the program but the most important component was the “ProGrowth Relationship System” (PRS) designed to support professionals in developing committed referral partnerships. PRS is still being used by clients today. RelPip has been developed as a mobile tool to make PRS simple and easy to use.

A Dependable Distribution System Is A Must

PRS is the equivalent of distribution systems manufacturers rely on to get their products into the hands of consumers. Manufacturers invest time and money to find and select the right distributors who can effectively sell company products. Getting to know those distributors and nurturing the relationships continually, is critical.

RelPip uses the  PRS system to help service professionals get long term results by reducing the time required to identify, connect and qualify potential referral candidates.  A good goal for the typical professional to create a sustainable flow of referrals is to develop just 10-15 referral partnerships they can absolutely depend on. The key to the strategy is being in the #1 mindshare position so when the right referral presents itself you get the call and nobody else!

The system has created referral partnerships for many professionals over the last 25 years. It is not magic. If you follow the process it will produce the results you want.

The biggest issue that I have seen over the years is that some professionals do not want to take the time to invest in a very important part of their business. They are content with just showing up at networking events and hoping somebody will call with a referral.

RelPip provides the tools to make networking much more efficient and effective and reduces time wasted on those that are not a good match to become a committed referral partner.

In 2014 I wrote and published “Secrets of Mindshare – Revenue Producers Get The Referrals They Want By making Their Competition Irrelevant” (Amazon). In the book, I detail the steps necessary to create  referral partnerships and why it is in your interest to do your due diligence in a methodical way. RelPip will help you make this happen. Your investment in this area of your business will pay dividends in good times and in bad times, for years to come.

Being involved in a networking group and attending functions is a great first step. The opportunity to meet others who have the potential to refer you the right type of clients is exciting. But, just meeting others does not mean that you will get the call if the right referral presents itself.

Being In the #1 Mindshare Position Is Essential

Why? We all operate in highly competitive environments. A person who has a great referral typically has at least 3-5 choices. The person who is in the #1 mindshare position will get the call. Sometimes it can be an acquaintance they just met but that person will quickly lose their position because there is no commitment long term. Someone else will quickly take their place.

Over the years, it has been proven many times over that the professionals who have invested in developing committed referral partnerships are the ones who create and sustain successful businesses. When two people have made a commitment to come together to achieve mutual success and support one another in that quest, they cannot be stopped.

RelPip was recently launched as a mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is designed to help professionals move the right people from acquaintance status to becoming a committed long term relationship. The app and its functionality will guide the user through the process of identifying, connecting, vetting and committing to a long term mutually successful referral partnership.

We urge you to invite a person that you believe has the long term potential to join you in this process. The app is free. Once enrolled, if you have a successful outcome from investing the time in the process, you both will look forward to a successful future together.

As an additional benefit, if you both want to stay  and become part of the community with professionals who want what you want, we will send you a complimentary code (available through 7/1/2022) for an upgrade for an annual subscription to our national premium membership which gives you access to all professionals in the U.S. for helping us get the word out and joining us on the journey.

Here is a link to an excerpt of chapter five from my audio book (  It describes the process related to the PRS and is what the functionality of the app is based on. Investing a little time to listen to how the process will work for you will go a long way in helping you on your new path.


Please check out our informational website at to see if we are right for you.

We look forward to your success!


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