Are you tired of networking and kissing a lot of frogs with little to show for the effort?

 Relpip is a community that supports professionals who want to work together to generate the right client referrals


If you want to develop committed referral partners where everyone wins, please join us

Are you tired of networking and kissing a lot of frogs with little to show for the effort?

RelPip is a community for professional service providers who depend on referrals and who understand the differences between acquaintances and strong committed relationships.

Our Vision

Embrace a mobile platform to connect a community of  professionals  who trust each other and choose to cooperate for a larger purpose

Be the preeminent community where professionals go to connect and build the referral partnerships that produce the right client referrals

Develop a  community for like-minded professionals who value relationships and working with each other

Make an Informed Decision For You

The Problem

A big challenge for many professionals for career advancement and higher income is the ability to bring in new clients and revenue to their firms.

Things have changed a lot for younger professionals on their way up  who need committed referral partners that they can depend on to get the right referrals to the right clients. It is a very different environment because of the pandemic including moving to a more  remote workforce. Current macroeconomic conditions are shrinking the pie of potential available referrals. As a result, it has become more challenging to get client referrals  from other service professionals.  

Most professionals have typically employed a strategy of attending a myriad of networking events and “kissing a lot frogs” as they say with the hopes that someone will eventually call with a referral.

If someone did have a referral they probably had 4-5 choices, so why would they choose you? They barely remembered you and they probably just met someone who does what you do so the referral goes to that person.

Given the changes that have occurred, you  can not afford to leave your business to chance in this environment and achieve the success you want. It is still about  meeting  people and developing the right referral relationships.

Why RelPip

RelPip is for professionals who want to help themselves by helping other professionals.  It is about belonging to a community where professionals work together for mutual success so that they get the referrals they need to grow their business by creating referral partner relationships built on commitment and trust. Members hold each other accountable so that together they succeed.

Members can connect with the right people that will produce results. No more wasted time trying to figure out who does what at a  networking event. The culture of networking groups naturally leans more to independence rather than interdependence. Typically, it is about getting referrals  not giving them.

Our app is designed to be the key that will open the gates to a community where like minded people can connect and succeed. In some ways it could be said that is a  “dating app for professionals”! Similar to a dating app your goal is to identify a person, go through a vetting process to determine if there is alignment and then possibly create a coveted “Relationship of Distinction” that could have a big impact on your business long term.

The RelPip community uses a proven system created in 1997  to provide a process and structure for a distribution system that professionals could count on to get a consistent flow of referrals over time with just a few committed relationships. Over the years it has changed the lives of many in a very positive way.

The name “Relpip” is about relationships with individuals who are Purposeful, Intentional and Passionate about their business as you are. A great formula for a community of successful professionals!


You are a busy professional and time is of the essence. Mobile apps are personalized, easy to use, location-based and fast. Relpip allows you to sit in the comfort of your office, home or wherever you are as it guides and helps you to identify, connect and begin a vetting process to develop a referral partnership with another committed professional in the community.

No wasting time. Relpip categorizes members by discipline, specialty, type of client and client size (“the four connectors”) so you can easily navigate and find the most relevant members to make the relationship work. The referral partnership is focused on supporting one another by helping each other with a significant event each year that will be meaningful to the respective businesses.

You will find that you don’t need to collect business cards anymore and that just a few RD relationships will give you the results you want to make your business successful long term.

There is no secret to being a top revenue producer! Any one can achieve success if they have belief and have referral partners  who are committed to their success. Invest the time in those relationships and it will pay dividends for many years to come!


Members are just like you. They are in the community to help each other by creating committed referral partnerships with other like-minded professionals where both parties can achieve mutual success.

We are not for the networkers who simply want to “kiss a lot of frogs” and hope something sticks. Our members count on each other and know, that like any successful relationship, it takes an investment in the other person and a mutual commitment to get the results they want.

The first step is to identify the right person with the right connectors. Our members can meet others wherever they are and invite them to join them by going through the Relpip Process together. The RelPip community provides the process and structure to create a referral partnership (“Relationship of Distinction”(RD)) with the right person that will translate into the right referrals for years to come.

Our Founder

Ken Potalivo developed a proven system and process to help professionals who wanted to enjoy the benefits of being a successful revenue producer and being respected in their firms.

His system focuses on five key areas and has changed the lives of many professionals of various disciplines for more than 24 years. 

  Ken is the author of  “Secrets of Mindshare – Revenue Producers Get the Referrals They Want By Making Their Competition Irrelevant” (Amazon).

He has a strong business background, has a degree in Psychology and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

The pandemic has changed our lives. It has become more difficult to meet professionals and to develop referral partnerships. Not withstanding these issues, Ken understands that professionals still need referrals to bring in clients and generate revenue for their firms. He also knows that they would benefit from being part of a community where they are able to identify and connect with other committed professionals who might be operating in similar markets and market segments.

Thus, the RelPip community was born and uses the same proven system that has helped professionals for many years. RelPip uses technology much like a “dating app” for two professionals (who might never cross paths) to connect and go through a vetting process to determine if they can become a “Relationship of Distinction”(RD). If they are successful, their referral partnership will get results for many years to come because of their commitment to each other.

Ken’s experience suggests that if a professional created just 10-15 RD relationships over a 2-3 year period, they could usually count on a consistent flow of referrals and hitting their numbers. The key is to not rush the process and be committed to the success of the partnership.

Five Key Characteristics of Relpip Members

  • They use their social style as a strength to connect with others.
  • They are purposeful, intentional and passionate about what they do.
  • They have a plan and understand with great clarity what the right client looks like.
  • They focus on committed referrral partnerships that consistently provide a flow of referrals.
  • The have a balanced approach to their personal and professional life.

Why Our Members Love RelPip

Become Part of the Relpip Community

If you want committed referral partners, who can be a solid salesforce for you in the marketplace to give you referrals consistently, please join us! You can download the IOS or Android app and get started today! Membership is free and is a great way to give the app a test run to see if it works for you. Depending on your goals and objectives, you can always upgrade to a premium membership which will give you more access to members and more benefits.

Our community is growing and your sharing will help many other professionals who all want what you want!


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