Are You An Effective Service Professional?

by | November 24, 2022

In his book, “The Effective Executive”, Peter Drucker identifies 5 key areas that successful executives do to “get the right things done”.

These same five principles also apply to successful service professionals who are able to do great and timely work for their clients and bring in a consistent flow of new business to their firms.

Lets take a closer look:

1. Effective professionals know where their time goes.

They understand that time is their most important commodity. They employ a system to balance the time to do effective work for their clients and to cultivate the relationships that will produce the referrals to new clients. The time for themselves and their families is equally important to their brand to insure that they have the energy and focus to get the results they want.

2. Effective professionals focus on results.

They understand that focusing on things that matter versus busy work is the key to get them where they want to go. They know that strong relationships not acquaintances are the key. Effective professionals develop referral partnerships where mindshare is strong so that when another individual has the right referral to the right client they call them and not their competition. They know it is about quality not quantity.

3. Effective professionals build on strengths and let go of weaknesses

They know that the effectiveness of their brand is about having a vision and a plan to achieve the results desired and standing strong to the strength of their convictions. They attract others who share the vision and want similar results for their business and are willing to do what is necessary to make them happen. Effective professionals avoid the “time vampires” who want to steal their time but not add value to the relationship.

4. Effective professionals focus on the priorities that will produce superior results. 

They do first things first that will enhance their brand in the marketplace. They don’t waste their time on secondary things that don’t contribute to the results they want or steal the time they can use effectively that will move them towards their goals.

5. Effective professionals make effective decisions.

Based on their plan and targeted goals, they decide who are the appropriate clients that can benefit from their services and who are the right individuals who can make the referrals to those specific clients. These decisions are critical to the long-term success of the professionals’ brand. They know that every decision that minimizes the importance of this strategy weakens the brand because they understand that their brand cannot be all things to all people.

An effective brand is a worthwhile investment 

Effective professionals simplify their lives by having a strong brand and consistently doing a little bit each day to further their brand so that they get the results they want. Those who operate by the seat of their pants, try to be like “flypaper” to catch any thing that comes along and network incessantly hoping that somehow someone will call them with a referral find their life very challenging at best. Their brand is very weak. It is like running in sand and not getting very far if at all. Life does not need to be hard!

Effective tools get effective results

If you want to simplify your life and become that revered revenue producer who makes more money, is valued by their firm and is respected in the marketplace please take a look at our informational website at to see if it is right for you. We have introduced a new mobile app and tutorials, that will guide you and help you connect with the right people, to build committed referral partnerships which will take your business to a new level by getting the right client referrals consistently.

Ken Potalivo has been working with professionals of varied disciplines for over 25 years. The system he developed has changed many lives by allowing them to simplify their lives while creating the life they want. In addition to being the developer of the Relpip mobile app, he is also the author of “Secrets Of Mindshare – Revenue Producers Get The Referrals They Want By Making Their Competition Irrelevant”


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