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Our Mission

To empower service professionals and guide professional service firms toward unprecedented growth through a synergistic platform focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and mutual success.

We want to be your catalyst for transforming client acquisition, elevating brand equity, and fostering long-term stability. Together, we redefine the art of business development.

Are you tired of kissing frogs? Are you weighed down by the responsibility of securing new business for your firm? Finding it challenging to land the right clients as a solo practitioner? Do networking events leave you feeling drained, unsure if you’ve left any lasting impressions?

What if you could create powerful alliances with referral partners who consistently think of you first for that ideal client referral? Join the Relpip Community today and become indispensable!

The Relpip Community is Networking 2.0
In the world of professional services, relationships are the lifeblood of success. RelPip revolutionizes networking by making it more impactful and effortless, leaving behind the unnecessary hassles. Are you tired of kissing frogs? Join the Relpip Community today and become indispensable!

Access an Engaged Community on the Go

Connect from our mobile app with people who it’s in their best interest to help you succeed.

Quickly Match with the Right People

No more kissing frogs. Find service professionals who work with the clientele you serve.

Systematize Growth Through Referrals

Follow a proven system that outlines a path to increase referrals over time.

Why Choose the Relpip Community?

Embrace the power of Relpip, a community built on fostering relationships with professionals who are purpose-driven, intentional, and passionate about delivering top-notch work while supporting each other through valuable client introductions.

In today’s remote work environment, forming the right partnerships for client referrals has become increasingly challenging, and the global recession has further diminished referral opportunities.

Relpip is here to cultivate essential referral partnerships, empowering professionals to become indispensable assets to their firms.

Join Ken Potalivo, Relpip’s founder and author of the acclaimed book, “Secrets of Mindshare,” as he reveals the secrets to becoming a sought-after revenue producer and rendering yourself invaluable. 

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What to Expect

1. Download the app

Download the app below and configure your profile so you can join the Relpip community and quickly access potential referral partners.


2. Network with a Plan


With the ProGrowth Relationship System baked into the app, begin to create the right partnerships for success.

3. Refer and Get Referrals


Form partnerships, set up ongoing check-ins, and work towards a consistent flow of referrals until you no longer wonder where your next client will come from.

7 Easy Steps To Growing Your Business

1. Know What Your Ideal Client Looks Like

If you cannot articulate the characteristics of what your ideal client looks like, it will be hard for others to refer them to you. Your description including the type and size of client (market and market segment) must be clearly communicated.

2. Who Is Your Your Ideal Referral Partner?

Based on your business objectives and goals, it is important to understand the type of professional whose business aligns with yours. To succeed, you will need the support of other professionals who can refer you to the client you have targeted and the market you have chosen.

For example, if you work with privately held companies in the $5- $25 million segment that specialize in technology, you probably want to identify professionals who work with those types and sizes of clients. That might include a CPA, a banker, or an attorney, to name a few.

3. Connect with the Right People in the Relpip Community

Connecting with the right person is like “plug and play”. There is no guess work because you only connect with those who have the right four “connectors” and are a good fit. They have the right: 1)Discipline 2) Specialty 3)Type of Clients 4)Size of Clients

The app helps you identify only those that are a good match. Once you connect you are ready to see if a referral partnership can happen! It is as simple as that!


4. Begin the Vetting Process

Relpip’s vetting process is designed to tell you if the relationship will work. The app will guide you as you evaluate a potential partner across three dimensions:

Likability Factor – Every business relationship is built on a solid personal relationship. Do not rush this.

Type and Size of Clients – Take the time to really learn about each others’ clients to ensure you can help each other.

Do They Have the PIP – Big difference in those who have it and those who don’t. You both must be committed to the success of the partnership and being Purposeful, Intentional and Passionate will ensure it succeeds.

5. Commit to a Referral Partnership

After a successful vetting process, you both will agree to the referral partnership agreement to solidify the commitment.

This means when your referral partner has a great referral, you’ll have no doubt they will pick the phone up and call you. They also know that you will do the same. As a result of mutual success, the partnership will thrive for many years.

6. Nurture the Partnership

As part of the process and to continually strengthen the partnership, you’ll agree to meet briefly each month, either in person or virtually, to update each other on anything that may have occurred in the last month that may be helpful.

This keeps the partnership focused on working towards a result you both want: Helping each other with one significant referral each year!

7. Continue the Process

Stay involved with app to connect with more professionals in the Relpip community who are all committed to referral partnerships. The idea is to create your own personal relationship system with 10-15 referral partnerships that will produce consistent results, year in and year out.

Meet Ken

Ken is the founder of ProGrowth LLC and the author of “Secrets of Mindshare – Revenue Producers Get the Referrals They Want By Making Their Competition Irrelevant.” He has a strong business background, a degree in Psychology, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Ken understands that any professional who does great work can make more money and become indispensable via a consistent flow of client referrals if they have the right process and system in place.

He also knows it cannot be done by random networking where chance is in play.

The RelPip community is born out of his vision to support all professionals who want the income and stature to live the life they want and to work with others who want the same.

Join The Relpip Community Today And Become Indispensible!


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